Author: Sunil Jagani

Strategies For Building Habits by Sunil Jagani

Strategies For Building Habits

Achieving your goals often means sticking to a long-term commitment.  Whether you want to exercise more or wake up earlier, it involves adopting a new routine, or at least modifying your pre-existing one, and...

Sunil Jagani shares his review on Trump's Immigration Policy

How Trump’s Immigration Ban Affects America?

Thousands of people who called America their home were suddenly branded as a threat (not to their faces) to the country. The immigrants of America received the shock of their lives on Friday, 27th...

Felicette the space cat by Sunil Jagani

Félicette the Space Cat

During the US/Soviet space races of the 50s and 60s, scientists still knew very little about space travel, and they sent animals out into space before sending out humans to see how gravity would...