How to Become a Planner

How to Become a Planner by Sunil JaganiPlanning every week is essential to running a business well. By creating these plans, you can keep track to meet goals and be productive, track results to analyze your business and manage stress. I recently read a blog post that shared some ways you can make this work for you, and here’s what they had to say:

Pick a planning day: Stick to a specific time and day for your weekly planning. You want to be consistent with this so that it becomes a habit.

Pick a place: Whether it’s a coffee shop, a park or your apartment, you want to decide on a place to go every week to do your weekly planning. You want it to be inspiring and/or relaxing.

Brainstorm projects/goals: Assign various goals for yourself to progress your plans, even if they’re as simple as setting weekly sales goals. Take a list of different ways to reach these goals, and break it down so you know what you can be doing every week.

Set measurable goals: No matter what you’re setting for yourself, you want your goals to be measurable. The goal here is to be specific, so don’t set vague goals for yourself.

Set yourself deadlines: By setting deadlines for your goals, you can manage your time wisely and complete the goals you’ve set for yourself.

Challenge yourself: Don’t set unrealistic expectations, otherwise you’ll overwhelm yourself. Start slow by scheduling what you know you can do, then add a couple things to really push yourself. Make sure that you’re challenging yourself every week.

Review your results: When you’re planning out your week, you want to make sure you review your results from the day before. Take note of any potential opportunities and celebrate your successes. Once you’ve reviewed the week, you’ll be able to start planning for the next week.

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