How Trump’s Immigration Ban Affects America?

Sunil Jagani shares his review on Trump's Immigration Policy

Thousands of people who called America their home were suddenly branded as a threat (not to their faces) to the country. The immigrants of America received the shock of their lives on Friday, 27th January when Trump moved the new immigration order. A country that owned them from decades has gone hostile affecting people from all walks of life. The ban has resulted in nationwide protests and worldwide criticism from all sectors.

Mother’s have been separated from daughters; Newlyweds who went to seek the blessings of their grandparents will no longer be able to return to what they once called their home; and many other similar stories that have the same tell-tale are popping up everyday – all because of an inhuman decision.

And, even if we set moral values aside and talk about this on a more general tone, the decision is still outright unethical. Almost 50% of Silicon Valley’s new companies were founded by Immigrants. Tech leaders around the world have criticized the ban in unison and have joined in the protest.

Meanwhile, here are a few implications of how America’s future will be following the restriction:

The US will be an extremely volatile and riskful market to do business – “The order cuts to the heart of what we stand for — who we are — in ways that many people find unacceptable,” said Wharton management professor Michael Useem. Companies that are doing business in America would most likely call a standoff for all their future projects considering its extremely volatile and uncertain market.

New businesses might take the Watch-and-Wait approach to observe and understand if the country is worth taking all the risks. America’s reputation as a business hub has already plummeted significantly since the last two weeks.

Top talents would think twice before moving here – Students, professionals, and top talents around the world whose brilliance is the reason behind development, will now think twice before moving to US. The motivation was already on a decline because of rising global prosperity across other developing nations that are offering an equal opportunity to them. Such a move has only exacerbated the situation with US.

“Although the scope of ban spans to only seven majority-muslim nations, you never know what turn the law could take under Trump administration”, replied a tech genius when asked if he would like to work in US.

How Trump’s Immigration Ban Affects America - Blog by Sunil Jagani

Immigrants protesting after Trump moved the restriction policy

Display America as an insecure nation – The openness and opportunities America presented were few of the reasons the country seemed so invincible. However, that scenario doesn’t exists anymore and such the immigration policy has left a significant dent in the heart of the superior advantage that we enjoy today. Some of the best doctors, scientists, professors, economists, and even businessmen are barely Americans. Altogether, this displays America as an insecure nation that will be more disregarded, than feared.

Pooling top talents across the globe is the reason behind America’s rapid growth and prosperity. Two-third or one quarter of tech CEO’s in Silicon Valley are from Asia. Had they been banned too, you might have been deprived of so many things.

For instance, that slender supercomputer lurking in the backpocket of your skinny jeans won’t exist because Steve Job’s its creator, was born to a Syrian-Muslim immigrant.

Even, processing in the clouds and using apps for free, Googling, and many other stuff that Google allows you to do wouldn’t be real because its co-founder Sergey Brin is a refugee.

I mentioned in one of my previous social media posts,“Technology breakthrough can happen anywhere.. Will Trump/America not adopt a groundbreaking technology if it comes from a banned nation”

Quotes by Sunil Jagani

In short, this is a highly unfortunate situation that puts the future of The United States of America under great uncertainty. How can you call it ‘United’ anymore? It pains my heart immensely to see the country and its people in such turmoil. A country can never stand upright if its democracy has no meaning at all.


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