Microsoft Build 2017 Day 2 – The 3 Big Investments

Microsoft Build 2017   Day 2 - Sunil Jagani Blog


The day 2 of Microsoft Ignite conference, was termed ‘Build’, and as the name suggests, the day was going to be all about building next-level capabilities and features to suit your life. The first phase of Microsoft Build 2017 – 2nd day was really amazing as there were some key announcements made for the first time.

Terry Myerson, EVP of Windows & Devices, Microsoft opened up the conference, specifying how Day 2 will be focused on the creativity of people as compared to Day 1 that explored the creativity of machines.

Microsoft Build 2017   Day 2 - Sunil Jagani Blog

The 3 Big Investments

The focus of Microsoft this year is to make Windows love everything around it. By ‘Windows’, I meant every Windows product or service, such as the operating system, the surface desktop, the windows store, etc. And, by ‘everything’, I meant everything else.

To make this a reality, Microsoft has invested in three distinct arenas this year.

Microsoft Build 2017   Day 2 - Sunil Jagani Blog

1st Investment: Fall Creators Update

Highlighting the success of Windows 10, Terry said, “ Windows 10 is now the most used version of the planet. Windows 10 customers are spending more time using windows pcs, have higher customer satisfaction, and are more engaged with your apps at the windows store than any previous version of windows ever before.”

With that, he announced the first big investment in the process, which was the many updates the OS will be receiving this fall.

All of these updates are designed carefully to help unlock your creativity as a developer and drive love and engagement, regardless of what device they are on.

Update #1: Story Remix

Story Remix is a brand new and interesting way to transform your photos and videos.

story remix- Microsoft Build 2017   Day 2 - Sunil Jagani Blog

It will enable you to create and share your stories with incredibly new experiences. A bunch of highly interactive tools along with a brand new video editor helps you find your best digital memories and make instant video stories. Restyle your video, add a personal touch, everything is just super easy.

In the professional world, you can design your projects and get the best outcomes for your clients. Get the perfect shot for your project from your phone and have them sent right to your PC. Also, fine tune your movies to tell the story you want and apply a professional look that gets the job done

Tell you its features in pointers:

  • Brand new video editor that you won’t find anywhere else
  • Storyboard interface where you can easily add or edit or remove clips
  • Energize them with the perfect soundtrack with groov
  • Incredible effects where you can mix the real world
  • Growing library of artistic creations to start your adventure
  • View 3d – Get new perspectives by mixing the imaginary with realities

That’s not all. You and your team can work together on a project at the same time and easily apply effect from your own device. Story Remix is really easy to use even if you are using an editor for the first time.

Update #2: Fluent Design system & Microsoft Graph

A new design system that helps you make your projects more authentic and powerful, while empowering the experience for a multi-device multi-input world.

Fluent Design System- Microsoft Build 2017   Day 2 - Sunil Jagani Blog

There are five basic components of a design system, which are Light, Depth, Motion, Material, and Scale. Here’s how Microsoft has worked on providing more power to each of these element.

  1. Light – With fluent, it would be more easier for developers to draw focus at the right thing at the right time
  2. Depth – With Fluent, you can better use depth and redefine how people stay focused and organized
  3. Motion – With Fluent, you can make even subtle actions feel alive
  4. Material – With Fluent, you can bring more character to your design with a physical quality inviting people to touch and interact
  5. Scale – With Fluent, you don’t have to design in 2D anymore. It’s time to move beyond mere rectangles confined to a plane

Microsoft graph

The Microsoft graph solves challenges of device inputs and platform diversity. By connecting to Graph, Windows PCs will enable unmatched cross device experiences.

Microsoft Graph- Microsoft Build 2017   Day 2 - Sunil Jagani Blog

So, how Windows connects to the Microsoft Graph?

It will bring all your files, activities, content, etc., across multiple devices into a unified intelligent cloud. Using the Graph, your Windows PC will enable you to roam from one device to the next seamlessly.

But again, how?

Introducing OneDrive files Files On-Demand, a standalone solution for getting all your files into the cloud and making them available on all your devices

Also, the usage of Windows Inc enabled devices have doubled over the past couple of years. For instance, the windows pen will enhance your browsing experience to a whole new level. Furthermore, it can be used to help you in your fluent design.

Update #3: Windows Timeline

The Timelines allows users to seamlessly work on their devices and switch from one device to another without getting into something else.

Windows Timeline -  Microsoft Build 2017   Day 2 - Sunil Jagani Blog

Timeline serves just the same purpose its definition renders, only with Microsoft, there is a lot more.

With all the data in the cloud and a timeline-aware Cortana (that is supposedly installed in all your devices), you can start working on something on one device and switch to different devices and still keep working on the same thing

Hence, what you left off on your PC can be resumed on your mobile and when you switch back to your PC, you can still be working on the same project.

Update #4 Cloud-Powered Clipboard

Another feature that will be Graph-aware and will allow users to share text, image, videos and other contents in multiple devices seamlessly at the click of a button

Cloud-Powered Clipboard -  Microsoft Build 2017   Day 2 - Sunil Jagani Blog

2nd Investment: Continuous Delivery

The diversity of platforms and devices have made it really hard. “Platform wars have made it harder for customers and more difficult for us creators to reach our customers with clear consistent experiences, customized for each device” shares Terry. He further explains how this can be resolved by embracing three paths of an evolved DotNet,Web, and C++,

To help you create great app experiences that spans across all platforms and all devices

Modernizing your codebase – With new capabilities built in the Windows Store and Visual Studio, you have the most seamless Build Test & Deploy workflow for your work on any platform

“We continue to develop the pairing of windows and Visual Studio to be our home for all of our developments, not only for apps on windows, but for apps that span across all platforms and devices.”

3rd Investment: Amazing Tools

All these investments together will accelerate the next wave of computing – Mixed Reality.

The Windows Store will have iPhones, SAP, and many other APIs to provide developers a reality they have never experienced. Terry announced that Autodesk Sketchbook, the amazing, award-winning drawing app is coming to Windows.

On the mixed reality front, the new Motion Controllers are designed to perfectly complement Windows Mixed Reality Headsets.

Summing up…

With the data in the cloud, AI to prompt and help at every step, connectivity across devices, and Mixed Reality, Microsoft can help you build the future.

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