Sunil Jagani


picture of sunil jaganiSoftware professional, President of an established IT firm, IT expert – Sunil Jagani is referred by different titles, but the one that he likes to be most associated with is being the CTO or Chief Technology Office of his IT firm, AllianceTek. That’s the position he created for himself to better identify today’s technology needs of businesses.

Sunil’s proficiency with technology spans to more than 20 years where he has worked with highly competitive IT companies. With roles pertaining from project manager to chief software architect, Sunil has worked with the who’s who of tech industry and understands the domain to its core.

Having been for so many years in this industry, he came across the fact that current business landscape is disrupted by unnecessary challenges. He observed that profitability of various businesses was hurdled because of untimely solutions and mismanagement.

He also observed,

  • Business lack current, valid information, which prevents them to adopt conventional practices
  • Lack of innovation fails to shape their competitive advantage or ability to lead the marketplace
  • Basic IT setup where old technologies and systems continue to slow down deliveries
  • Inability of service providers to handle uncertainties, fluctuating needs of the market, and changing trends
  • The inability to “connect the dots” and being hidebound by traditional approaches

To address these obstacles and bring businesses up-to-speed, Sunil laid the foundation of AllianceTek. The goal was simple – offer timely and throughput solutions while maintaining synergy and compatibility with the clients for all their IT-related needs. The entire approach would follow a perfect alignment with innovation and latest tech to foster value and achieve optimal results.

As of 2004, AllianceTek has rapidly developed. Under the leadership of Sunil, AllianceTek has grown from small and independent IT consultancy to a massive organization that offers solutions to thousands of businesses across globe. The company invests surplus time on R&D and puts the right people in the right place to achieve guaranteed outcomes.

Sunil personally manages each project and leaves no stone unturned to give clients what they come looking for. A personalized approach for every project has made AllianceTek more reliable and trustworthy for its worldwide clientele.

The company is headquartered in Pennsylvania and has 8 different branches located in America and India. AllianceTek launched its services with a team of 5 and today it employs 200+ brilliant professionals who converts the vision of our clients into reality.

In this website, Sunil Jagani aims to share his opinion and thoughts on various trending technology topics. His blogs on key IT topics will give you the real insight about their emergence and the effect they are about to cause in this ever-evolving world.