Embracing Minimalism – How to achieve a clutter free website?

How to achieve a clutter free website? - Sunil Jagani Blog

Simple is beautiful and when we talk about websites, a simple website is considered more attractive and visually-appealing. A minimalistic, clutter-free website focuses on eliminating all the unwanted mess and have a clean design that brings the primal purpose of business to life.

The whole concept of clutter-free website revolves around doing away with the traditional, unnecessary elements and highlighting main features of the design. You must aim at identifying the aspects and features that your visitors would mostly search for and emphasize on them in your design.

Designing such minimalistic websites can get intimidating and perplexing, but can be achieved with help of experts. Professionals understand the trends and can come up with a decluttered web design services that is effective and captivating.

In the meantime, let me offer some really effective tricks to get you started.

Focus on contents

They say, “Content is king”, so why not allow the king to rule! Make your content simple, short, focused and self-explanatory. Stick to your point and try explaining in as few lines as possible. Theme of your website must complement the contents and accentuate them.

Minimize number of pages

We are tempted to include higher number of pages to our website to make it more informative, but this is outdated now. Too many pages can be confusing instead and might irritate the visitor. Bring down page count to a number that you can count on your hands. This makes the pages convenient to browse and further helps in cutting down loading time.

Pick the right theme

Colors can be a turn-off and annoying for human eye if there are too many. The new rule is, “the lesser the better”. Color palette should be soothing and blend well with your logo or those aspects that express your services or products. You can also fix two variations of a main color or go monochrome and add a splash of color to highlight the vital elements. HD photos can be added in background to create a good impression. Something that is light and complements the theme well will make a perfect fit. Make sure contents over the picture are readable.

Include whitespace

White spaces are critical, especially in websites. Give more room to contents. Yes, you might be tempted to fill in the space by cramming more tabs and widgets, but that would be exasperating. Allow the contents to breathe!

To achieve that minimalistic, clutter-free look, there must be a perfect blend of two things: usability and design. Place call-to-action buttons at eye level and ensure they are present on every page. Make homepage easy-to-go to and ensure that ‘back’ button is always active. Remove unwanted widgets and extra tabs that crowd your space.

Always remember,


“Every small detail is important, but removing a detail is equally important as adding one.”





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