How Real Artificial Intelligence Will Look Like?

How Real Artificial Intelligence Will Look Like? - SUnil Jagani Blog

Artificial intelligence has come into our lives more than what we could really expect. We are surrounded by machines that receive our inputs and digitally transform them into expected outcomes in no time. From the cellphones we use to the homes we live in, the collaboration of our life with machine is simply the short description of artificial technology. Or is it?

Artificial technology is like advanced computing abilities instilled on machines that could enable them to be far more human-like.

Have you experienced that yet?

Artificial Intelligence is here?

Every time I come across an article about a company speaking of its breakthrough in AI, I look for the line, “Artificial Intelligence is here!”. And the funny thing is, a majority of them have it.

I don’t know what satisfaction they derive by misusing a line whose real meaning is so elegant and powerful.

What it means to be intelligent?

Digital assistants like Alexa and Cortana might be presenting us the underrepresented access of digital democracy, however there is no intelligence here – just sheer computing.

Nor is Siri, the highly interactive operating system from Apple that responds with unique answers to requests made by its users. The OS’s answers are simply based on its algorithm’s ability to analyze the internet and compare it with user’s profile.

“Real intelligence is thinking about something for the whole day and then dreaming about it.”

Developing emotions which could undergo recursive self-improvement over time is real intelligence.

What real AI looks like?

Our many science fiction movies have laid the answer in front of us in the most entertaining form. The robots from the movies iROBOT and THE TERMINATOR, supercomputers from the movie 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY, Samantha, the fascinating OS from the movie HER, etcetera are brilliant examples of how real AI is supposed to be.

AI machines will follow the most basic logic that us humans have been following since the beginning of our existence- the ability to “adapt and evolve”.


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