Recent Enhancements in SharePoint 2016

I always start getting a strange feeling when I hear about new releases. It’s because you start wondering where will the new update go – your way or new way?”  — sunil jagani

Microsoft launched the feature pack for SharePoint 2016 and this time it was more than just bug fixes. Normally, an update means bug fixes mostly plus some new features here and there, and of course a few changes that you never wanted. But, this time, the new release of “Feature Pack” for SharePoint Server 2016 by Microsoft has everything that will be in favor of your business.

Sunil Jagani, founder and Chief Technology Office of Alliance Tek, has been working on SharePoint since it first came in 2001. He’s been there when it was initially released 15 years ago to its stable release on 4th May, 2016. His company AllianceTek offers tailored SharePoint services and solutions to accommodate your specific business needs. Today, Jagani brings out the recent enhancements in this document management and storage application. Read on to know how your business can benefit out of it.

Top 10 Upgrades include:

  1. Access Services

New Access features, such as support apps for Office, Access App Upgrade, download option to pivot Access tables, and more, when you deploy Access Services in SharePoint 2016.

  1. Administrative Action Logging

In a multiple administrative setup, this feature can help troubleshoot administrative related issues. Also, central administration is now provisioned on the first server and is no longer provisioned on all servers by default.

  1. MinRole

A new topology feature that allows a SharePoint farm administrator to define each and every server’s role in a farm topology. The enhancement helps remove the guesswork and ensures services are running on the right servers.

  1. OneDrive

For a modern business experience, the UI gets an overhaul to OneDrive. The feature requires an active software assurance contract to roll, else remains disabled.

  1. Large File Support

The new version now allows you upload or download files larger than 2048 MB, a feature that was not available in its predecessors. This upgrade helps you configure the desired maximum file size on a per-web application basis in your SharePoint farm.

  1. Hybrid

New hybrid features like enabling audit logs from on-premise installations of SharePoint 2016.

  1. Custom Tiles

The App Launcher will now allow users to add custom tiles. A user can tap these tiles to quickly go to other SharePoint sites, legacy apps, external sites, and more.

  1. Mobile Usability

You can now switch to a mobile view and see how a SharePoint home page looks like in a mobile. The mobile site uses tiles and link to allow users navigate the entire site since it is not a responsive site yet.

  1. Sharing

A lot of sharing improvements such as:

  • Create and Share folder
  • One-click email to approve or deny request for access
  • When viewing a folder see who the folder is shared with
  • Members can also share
  • Sharing Hint
  • Improved invitation mail
  1. Encrypted Connections

SharePoint 2016 has switched to TLS 1.2 connection encryption for securing data. A vulnerability was identified in the previous SSL 3.0 protocol, which allowed hackers to decrypt data. For this reason, SSL 3.0 has been disabled along with few other encryption algorithms for the same reason.

“Sharepoint 2016 is not just an update, it is an exciting change that you all must experience”, says Jagani. “By expanding the capacities of SharePoint 2016, they have made it significantly easier and transparent”.

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